Nursery Mood Board

Hi! Just stopping in to share a few pieces of news…

We are expecting a baby girl to arrive in March 2017!

We also sold our old house, bought a new house, and moved this summer.

I’ve just started planning the nursery and I wanted to share my first mood board.


The nursery walls are already painted a pale green. We plan to leave the walls and layer in grey and pink accessories.

I’m excited to see this space come together!




Garden Recap

Hi ya’ll! Welcome back! After three long years, grad school is finally over and I am blessed with free time once again! I wanted to share a quick recap of our garden from last summer.



Here are all of the things we planted. We don’t have enough space to plant all of the seeds, so we saved some for the next summer. We also purchased some herb seedlings and had a lot of success with those. We planted basal, mojito mint, parsley, oregano and rosemary.


The small fenced in area behind our yard is where we have been putting yard trimmings and leaves for compost. We turned all the dirt over …


…added in compost


…put up a small fence to keep out the pup


…and planted rows of seeds. We have read about square foot gardening, but opted not to use that method for our garden. We were pleased with how much space we ended up having and were able to grow quite a bountiful garden.


Here it is all growing in! Tomatoes are on the left. We strung twine between two stakes so they tomatoes would have support as they grew taller.


On the right side of the garden we planted okra (those are the tall plants in the back), brussel sprouts (which some bug had a field day with) and lots of peppers and tomatoes.



Thanks for stopping back by! I plan to have more updates and a few before and afters to share with ya’ll soon.



Sayonara, Over the Range Microwave

Our microwave finally died. It’s been doing this thing for a while where it just beeps randomly (every few minutes) and the buttons only work intermittently. We learned that this could be a sign of a potential fire hazard. So, we are very glad we took the opportunity to completely remove the whole contraption. We’ve disliked having a microwave over the stove since we moved in. The clearance between the microwave and stove is not up to code (our home inspector told us when we bought the house). It is also hard to see what is cooking on the back of the stove. So, when it finally died, we jumped at the opportunity to replace it with a hood. Here is what it looked like way back when…IMG_2054Step one was to get the microwave off the wall. This was harder then the how-to-remove-your-microwave tutorial we googled promised it would be because of how close it had been installed next to the cabinets. There was zero clearance so we had to rock it back and forth for a while before we could get it to pop off the track (hoping the whole time not to rip the drywall, which thankfully stayed intact!). Then, we were left with this frame that would not budge. The screws would not rotate and come out of the wall. Luckily, we still had the original manual, so I was able to look up how the frame had been installed (before we ripped it and the drywall off the wall). It had been attached with toggle bolts, which are serious business. We were able to get them out by drilling through the screw with a metal bit so that the screw fell out the backside.
IMG_2068 Then it was my turn to prime and paint so it matched the rest of the kitchen. I used the rest of our sample pot of Wedgwood Grey from Benjamin Moore that we used to paint our kitchen last year. IMG_2527 We chose this ductless hood by Broan. It would be nice to have ductwork installed to vent outside, but it was more practical to work with what we have. This hood came with wiring, but no plug. So we bought a conversion kit and the hubby was able to show his newly acquired wiring skills. The conversion kit allowed us to plug the new hood into the outlet in the cabinet above it, just like the microwave had been.IMG_2532 IMG_2530 While he worked on wiring, I drilled the new holes that we needed to hang the hood in the cabinet. The holes left over in the cabinet from the microwave did not line up with those on the hood. So, I drilled two new holes in the base of the cabinet and placed four drywall anchors in the wall behind the hood. The hood is lightweight, so it is secured with these six screws.  IMG_2535Then we threaded the newly attached cord up.
IMG_2546 And the hubby held the range up while I quickly screwed it into the wall. IMG_2547Here are two shots of it installed! It looks so much better than the behemoth of a microwave did and gives us so much more clearance for cooking.
IMG_2550 The light it gives off is a big improvement too! IMG_2102

Pardon the lighting, it was nighttime by the time we finished.

We are currently living without a microwave, which has been easier to do than we anticipated. We plan to get one soonish, but haven’t decided where it will live. On the counter? Retrofit a cabinet? Pull out drawer microwave? Chime in with where you think we should put a microwave!

Thanks for stopping by to catch up on what we’ve been working on!